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In the early 90's he was first introduced to the Hardcore scene, to which he became totally dedicated.

From that moment on he went to every Hardcore party he came across, and went to clubs every weekend.

After about 10 years the Hardcore music developed itself in a different way with all sorts of different influences from other styles of house and MC Da Rhino decided it was time to “explore" the other sides of House music.

In that same time Trance and EDM were upcoming and Da Rhino developed a taste to that styles of house as well and went to Trance and EDM party's and clubs.

After about 8 years the “classic" hardcore made a return with party's like; HardClassics, Decade and Immortal and all the older styles from the 90's were back again in the scene! This was the moment Da Rhino decided he wanted to really become a part of the Hardcore and overall House industry.

Because Da Rhino is a natural born mood setter and because he already had some 'mic experience" at small (house)party's, it was a small and obvious step for him to start hosting and MC-ing at the bigger House party's and MC Da Rhino was born! Because he came across a lot of different styles of music in the past, Da Rhino developed to become a real all-rounder and flows easily with all the different styles of house music.

If it's a more harder style of house music or a more “mellow-style", it makes no difference for Da Rhino.

He follows the music controls the crowd and sets the atmosphere no matter what!

This is what makes him a real all-rounder and the perfect host and MC at every party!


MC DA RHINO a real crowd controller! MC Da Rhino can be booked for every party.


You can’t stop the beast


To book MC Da Rhino please contact us by e-mail


We will inform you within 1 hour for the possible availability

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